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The Food Truck Scholar was started by Ariel D. Smith, M.Ed as a way to bridge the gap between the public sphere of the food truck industry with food bloggers and journalists and the academic sphere of scholar studying the street food vending. Specifically, Ariel’s dissertation work focuses on African American-owned food trucks and their relationship to and within Hip Hop Culture.

After launching The Food Truck Scholar in 2018 and its podcast in 2019, Ariel has already presented at academic conferences at the local, regional, national, and international level. She has also penned contributor articles for magazines and blogs for public scholarship as well.

Curious to know what The Food Truck Scholar has worked on recently? Take a look below!

Academic Articles & Presentations

Leon, R., Orellana, J.C., Mayoral, E.R. and Smith, A.D. Panel Presenter. “Hip Hop Saved Their Lives: Interrogating the Space for Black Foodways in Hip Hop Culture.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Honolulu, HI. November 2019.

Smith, A.D., Crider, J. Caise, W. P., and Smith, E. A. Workshop Presentation. “Hip Hop at 45: A Critical Look at What Hip Hop Always Was, Is, and Could Be.” Black Communities Conference. Durham, NC: September 2019.

Smith, A.D. Paper Presenter. “Hungry Hustlers: Introducing Food as the Unrecognized Founding Element of Hip Hop.” European Hip-hop Studies Network Conference. Bristol, UK. June 2019.

Smith, A. D. Panel Presenter. “Servin’ Up Resistance: Reclaiming the Narrative of Black Women Cooks of the Antebellum Era. Conspiracy: A Graduate Conference. Princeton American Studies Graduate Conference. Princeton, NJ. April 2019.

Williams, M. M. and Smith, A.D. Panel Presenters. “Cravings: The Hunger for a Food Analytic in Black Studies.” African American Studies and Resource Center Biennial Symposium. West Lafayette, IN. November 2018.

Smith, A.D. Poster Presenter. “Trapping from the Kitchen to the Streets: The Economic and Social Capital of the Foodminati.” American Studies Annual Symposium. West Lafayette, IN: May 2018

Smith, A.D., Challenger, V.L., and Warren, G.E. Panel Presenters. “The Economic Citizenship of Black-owned Food Trucks in Birmingham.” Black Communities Conference. Durham, NC: April 2018.

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