Food Truck Quarterly Highlight

I’m celebrating turning 26 by highlighting Black-owned food trucks that give back! Every quarter, I’ll feature a food truck making a difference and address ways we all can support them.

About Us

The Food Truck Scholar was started by Ariel D. Smith, M.Ed. She is a second year American Studies PhD student at Purdue University. A native of Birmingham, AL, Ariel’s research covers the food truck climate in the United States. Specifically, her dissertation is about Black-owned food trucks and their contributions to community empowerment and economic development in Black communities. Her research relies heavily on interviewing food truck owners across the country to learn:

  • how they got started
  • what challenges they face in the industry
  • what impact they have made on their communities
  • how her research can influence policy
  • how to create spaces for them to exist with brick-and-mortar
  • strategies for collaborating with other Black business owners.

Latest News

Coming Soon: Food Truck Consulting

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Food Tourism

Seasonal Planning

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The A-List

Looking for a Black-owned Food Truck? Ariel has you covered. Click the pictures below to check out each Black-owned food truck’s social media page to learn what they sell and where to find them.


Birmingham, AL


Peoria, IL


Birmingham, AL


Durham & Charlotte, NC


Durham, NC

Fun Fact

The food truck industry is estimated to be a $2.7 billion dollar industry by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in March 2018.

Recipe Of The Day

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